Inspired Gymnastics Reopening

We are back open from Monday 28th September!

Inspired Gymnastics put the health, safety and wellbeing of our members at the forefront of everything we do. In COVID-19, the world is facing an unprecedented, unknown challenge and we are following all British Gymnastics and UK Gov guidance to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy.

  1. Staggered start and end times.We must clean equipment before each new session begins. In order to accommodate this, sessions will be reduced to 55 minutes, giving coaches a 10 minute time-period between sessions. In this time, they will ensure your child is safely collected and equipment is thoroughly cleaned before the next session begins.

2a Drop off -1 way system

  • Only 1 parent/carer should drop-off and pick up your child.
  • All parents must wear face coverings when dropping off
  • Please aim to arrive on time for your session to prevent overlap with previous sessions. If you arrive early, please wait outside in the car park.
  • Gymnasts need to bring a small bag in which all their belongings can go into and should arrive ready
  • Enter as normal through the main entrance, leaving shoes, socks, and a drink with your child to enter the hall as normal. Then please proceed down the corridors out of the building, following the red arrows laid out. Please do not wait in the corridors.

2b. Collection

  • Collection Point will be outside along the pedestrian path, this will be clearly marked
  • Parents/carers are not permitted into the sports hall; a coach will ensure the gymnast is safely collected.
  • Please be prompt in collecting your child at the end of the session so that the next class can enter the building safely.

3. Price Increase

We have had to slightly increase our prices due to the impact of COVID

There will be no 10% sibling discount anymore

4. Zone Areas and Gym Layout

*2 hand sanitise stations inside the gym. Gymnasts will sanitise their hands upon entry and exit but also when rotating from one piece to the next.

*Zone 1 and Zone 2. The hall will be split into two. There will be 2 groups  in zone 1 and 2 groups will stay in zone 2

*Each group will have their own mats for warm-up (no group warm-up)

*No bars station for the time being

*Area for children’s belongings

*Stations will be cleaned when gymnasts change from one piece to the next as well as on the changeover between classes

5. No Wednesday Classes

We have had to close our Wednesday evening classes. We have opened Sunday Morning sessions

What Sessions Can I Book Onto?

You are welcome to book onto any of the sessions, however, do not book into our invite-only sessions unless your child was in them before.

This table should help you with that

FINALLY, due to the new restrictions, there are limited spaces in each class.

You must book below, if a product is out of stock it means there are no more spaces in that class.

If you have 2 or more children with us you will need to fill in a form for each child