Fundraising Comp – Saturday 24th of March 2018

Gymnasts can check their number, and round, in the below lists.

Please do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before your round start time as we cannot have too many people in the hall

What to expect on the day:

-Spectating: Children are Free, Adults will be £1 per spectator.

-Cake Sale: Along with Tea & Coffee, we will be holding a Cake Sale, and ask anyone who loves baking to bring down their cakes on Friday evening, as we will be setting up then.

-DE Photo:  We are pleased to announce that DE Photo have been appointed as the Professional School, Sport & Event photographers for this event. When entering for the event, the participant and their parents acknowledge this fact, which may result in the recording of his/her image. Action photos from this event will be available for purchase throughout the day and take less than 1 minute to print! Look out for the DE Photo display area for full details.

-Leotard Sale:  Our Coaches will be selling of some of their old leotards, and these can be purchased on the day. We also have our apparel supplier to take any Inspired Orders.

-Gymnastics Rounds: These will last up to an hour, this includes a warm up, floor routine, vault, and the presentation. You are welcome to leave once your round has finished.

Profits from the event will be going towards new Springboards and AirTracks for the club.