Safeguarding: Immediate Changes @ Parrs Wood

Across the last 12 months we have continually put rules in place in regards to Safeguarding, and the general Health & Safety of operations at Parrs Wood. it is important as a club that as we grow and expand that we adapt to changing situations accordingly.

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2018 Club Competition! – Entry Open!

On March 24th 2018, we will be hosting our first ever club competition!

Entry forms are outside the gym on the desk, pick yours up at your next session!

These must be completed and returned with payment by Wednesday 10th January.

– Remember, we start back after xmas on the 7th of January after a 2 week break!

– We strongly recommend this is done before the Christmas break, so you don’t miss out.

All money raised from the competition will go towards new equipment, in the form of new spring boards which cost around £400 and an inflatable tumble track which costs around £600!!

Thank you to those who have already entered, you’re superstars and we’ll see you on the floor!


(Monthly Direct Debit) From 1st of January 2018 our fee’s are changing.  As we have grown as a club our costs have grown too, yet our fees have stayed fixed and low.  In the new year, our venue hire fee’s are increasing, and with costs of reinvesting into more equipment and staff, our fees are […]

The impact a specialised gymnastics coach has in schools

Many people have questions and criticise that there is no point in getting a specialised coach into a school, there is no sustainability if they leave or the funding is cut.

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Teacher Resources

This week I have been focusing on trying to create some helpful resources for teachers so they can use them whilst teaching gymnastics in schools. I created this new resource… Read more

Pinterest and TpT?

Joint Hypermobility in Children

Completed Yoga for a Month

This week has been the last week of my challenge of every day yoga for a month. I managed to complete 17 sessions out of the 30, so the every day did not quite get there.


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Children participating in sport and school work slipping behind. What to do?

What a crazy week its been, trying to get ready for our celebration party on Sunday. I haven’t been able to do as much Yoga as I would like this week, due to trying to get everything organised!

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Week 2 of the Yoga Journey

On Monday I took part in, Hot Hatha Flow for the first time…..oh my days….hot is an understatement, I came out of it dripping literally. It was really hard to concentrate and hold your positions because of the temperature. Its really interesting as all of the sessions are done in heat but some of the classes are ridiculously hot and others are a nice bearable hot.

I guess I am still learning how to concentrate and not let others thoughts come into my head such as ‘I need to get out of this room before I melt!’

The rest of the Yoga sessions this week were good stretching and I feel my mind and body improving with every session.

With Spinning on Tuesday and I had to miss a Yoga session on Wednesday night as I went to watch Manchester United…. who put in a very poor performance against Hull. I had a couple of days rest this week.

Ready for a weekend of swimming, yoga and family time.