The impact a specialised gymnastics coach has in schools

Many people have questions and criticise that there is no point in getting a specialised coach into a school, there is no sustainability if they leave or the funding is cut.

What you are not seeing is the bigger picture and the impact a specialist coach can have.

Every time we coach gymnastics in a school we witness:

Children getting excited when they learn and achieve skills they never thought they could do *More Confidence*

Children get challenged physically and mentally and are so determined to not give up *More Determined*

Children enjoying being physically active *More Healthy*

Children learning how to control their body movements and move multiple body parts at the same time *Better Body Control*

Children have to listen carefully to understand instructions and to key safety points *More Disciplined*

Surely all these points will help them to achieve in any sport, in the classroom or at home?

Most importantly we see hundreds of children understanding and taking part in high quality gymnastics, teaching the right skills and understanding gymnastics.

Think back to your time in school, did you ever do gymnastics at school, did you get a good understanding about what gymnastics is about and the skills involved?

Having coached in primary schools for the last 2 years we have seen how many teachers often react to teaching gymnastics. They feel it is past their capabilities, they have no knowledge and something that has to be avoided at all cost.

We now get to watch how these feeling change and transform in a school. Once we help them teach gymnastics, they start to feel like they can teach gymnastics safely and confidently.

Many teachers express their children have improved not only in PE but in the classroom, the discipline needed during the gymnastics sessions has transferred into classrooms.

Gymnastics is at the heart of Physical Education for a reason, it provides the fundamental skills of body management #dontmissit #getinvolved#inspiredgymnastics

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