Completed Yoga for a Month

This week has been the last week of my challenge of every day yoga for a month. I managed to complete 17 sessions out of the 30, so the every day did not quite get there.


However, during that month it has been a busy time with our clubs 1 year annerversary party. View the video here:


and also our half term camps, view the video here:


The journey into Hot Yoga was very interesting as I have never done yoga before. The sessions were amazing!, there are so many classes to suit everybody. The hotness of the room varies on each class sometimes it was super super hot and sometimes it was just hot. There were so many challenges in every session and the sessions were sometimes 1 hour 15 minutes long.

Its safe to say yoga has helped me massively with learning how to switch off and just focus on the 1 important thing in life,….breathing.

I did not realise how much i had changed physically though. Check these before and after photos out:

I fully recommend yoga to everyone whether your want to loose weight, improve strength, improve flexibility, learn to switch off and control your thoughts. This has helped me in every area of my life, i go to the Yoga Life in Wilmslow. See you around. J x