Children participating in sport and school work slipping behind. What to do?

What a crazy week its been, trying to get ready for our celebration party on Sunday. I haven’t been able to do as much Yoga as I would like this week, due to trying to get everything organised!

I did have a very interesting conversation this week with a parent whose child loves sports and takes part in many different sports, however the child is slipping behind a little with maths, english and other subjects.

The parent has been told by teachers that it would be wise to not let her child do so many sports, due to her falling behind at school. However, the parent expressed to me that if she stops her doing her sports she will be devastated as this is what she loves.

This conversation got me annoyed because this reminds me very much of myself as a child. I was not the brightest however my passion was sport – every sport if I had the time but mainly gymnastics. One memory I have of Primary school is struggling, struggling , struggling. I struggled with maths especially but science was just a complete blank area.

However, I got through it and went onto high school which I also struggled and was not bottom of sets but by far was not the top either. By year 10 you get to pick what subjects you move on with so I obviously picked PE. This is where I started to excel but not only that because I was focusing on what I loved and more importantly applying the life lessons I was learning in gymnastics to the other subjects.

To do a sport at a competing level requires A LOT of discipline, no one will do the hard work for you, your results at competition reflect what hours of hard work you have put in. It required many hours of dedication and learning that if you listen, commit and don’t give up you will achieve what your targets are.

These lessons I learnt through sport have stayed with me throughout my life and were then applied to my school work. I pushed on through high school achieving:

  • 1 A* (you can guess what subject that was for)
  • 4 As
  • 5 Bs

Through to college where I studied 

  • A Level Physical Education= B
  • BTEC National Diploma in Sports Coaching, Development and Fitness = Double Distinction

Through to University where I studied

  • Sports Development and came out with a 1st degree !

I do not know if teachers told my parents that I needed to stop the sports but I know for sure I never did stop and I know for sure my parents never put pressure on me to stop my sports. My parents knew that what I loved doing what the most important thing, as this would be the thing I would do in the future. Yes they made sure I did my homework and supported me with struggles at school but never did I have to stop my sport and fitness.

As I approach Inspired Gymnastics LTD, 1 year celebrations this weekend I think to myself Gymnastics and the discipline that gone with it over the years has no doubt given me the life lessons to push and start my own business.

I feel there is a massive pressure on children to achieve in school, and yes I AGREE the basics of english, maths and science are extremely important, however surely what is more important is what that child loves to do as this will most likely stay with them and if a child loves sport you should channel that passion, as I know for a fact it will help in the future with so many other things!

Let me know your views.

Until next week.