My Yoga Journey Week 1

Over the last 2 weeks I have really struggled to switch my brain off, struggling to sleep, struggling to do anything apart from work. That is party my own fault because I went away after Christmas for 2 weeks travelling around Europe. However, due to my business moving so fast and constantly pushing to the next thing I have really struggled to stop and actually relax.

So last week I set a challenge to myself…..

I decided I would challenge myself to Yoga for a month every day (apart from Tuesdays as I do spinning and Saturdays as i do swimming). I wanted to see if this would help me with my thoughts and learning how to control them and not worry all the time. P.S I have never done yoga before!

So, after my first week I am amazed at how much Yoga has helped me. I am sleeping better, my stress levels are more controlled and my diet/appetite has massively increased.

They are teaching me how to concentrate on my breathing and just myself, do not tune into any other thoughts that enter, just get rid of them. Don’t get me wrong, this has been super hard to engage and learn and I still have a long way to go but the improvement I have seen just after a week has been so beneficial.

I must admit my body is so sore from all the poses, muscles that I never thought I had keep cramping up on me.

I fully recommend Yoga to everyone and especially those in the same position as me who are maybe trying to run a business for the first time or struggling to switch off your thoughts.