The struggle for teachers

The more and more I work alongside teachers and schools the more I feel there is a massive lack of support for teachers with certain subjects. It is nearly impossible to be specialised in all subjects through school, not only that but most teachers change year groups every year and therefore have to be aware of what to teach in what year.

I frequently in my own head put myself in teachers positions and think what would it be like to try and teach children 5 days a week on multiple subjects?

Another frequent question I ask myself is, what would it feel like to teach dance to pupils, what would I teach them? Now being an ex gymnast and a gymnastics coach many people think I would be naturally good at dance. Anybody that knows me well, will know that dance was always something I struggled with!

That is what it must feel like for teachers who have not had any experience with gymnastics…scary and no idea where to start.

We now have a Facebook group for teachers with free resources, advice and help – Click here

This group is strictly for teachers.

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